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House of Cards frighteningly comes to life in Washington 

“Drunk woman in Capitol Metro station looks like Zoe Barnes & is awfully close to platform edge. Awkward if I grab her and urge her to flee?” — HuffPost‘s Jen Bendery.

Uh oh. 

“Sweet. That rock in my shoe today was actually glass in my foot.” — BuzzFeed publicist Ashley McCollum.

Reporter dies and goes to heaven (and then returns)  

“After getting a coveted @neetzan RT, I’m retiring from the internet. (for about 5 minutes, but still)” — Washington Examiner‘s Justin Green. Neetzan Zimmerman, editor-in-chief of Whisper,  is formerly with Gawker.

In cutthroat times…

“Hey @dcistsarah: We had that Vince Gray/Eric Holder story 12 minutes before @ryanjreilly.” — Politico‘s Byron Tau. Ryan Reilly works for HuffPost.

CNN does the unthinkable? 

“CNN has surgically added gils to Anderson Cooper and will be sending him to the ocean floor tomorrow.” — Samir Mezrahi, senior editor, BuzzFeed.

Private conversations made public 

“It has been a wonderful dinner listening to blue collar @chrisgeidner tell me stories of his summer working at McDonalds.” — BuzzFeed‘s Benny Johnson. “Everyone should ask @chrisgeidner what snack he used to make himself while working at McDonalds (no, really do this).” Geidner is the legal editor at BuzzFeed.

The Observer 

“Internet tough guys that act tough while calling other people internet tough guys are known as internet tough guys^2.” — RedState contributor and filmmaker Ben Howe.

The Astute Observer 

“Klout has a new mobile app. Because people aren’t narcissistic enough.” — David Freddoso, Washington Examiner.

Why does Andrew Kaczynski hate Twitchy? 

“Twitchy is like an Internet bar of people you want to avoid.” — BuzzFeed‘s cat-loving Kaczynski. He links to this post which makes fun of his colleague Rosie Gray regarding the paintings of George W. Bush.

Important question to consider… “How do you not know what a Big Mac looks like?” — House Maj. Leader Eric Cantor spokesman Rory Cooper.

Overheard in the newsroom

“OH in the Newsroom: ‘Thank God I didn’t give up drinking for Lent.'” — Politico White House Editor Dan Berman.

Producer’s kid in trouble for mouthiness 

“My 9 year old got in trouble because he told a fellow 3rd grader that he was ‘too old for light up shoes.’ #sassy#hesrighttho” — Peter Ogburn, producer, Bill Press Show.

Travel Bitches 

“Dear @Amtrak. Please explain to your customers why we can no longer get refunds or transfer the ticket value after missed trains.” — BuzzFeed‘s Rosie Gray. “Dear @Amtrak your new policy is discriminatory against those of us who suffer from chronic tardiness.”

Buckle up! 

“Lindsay Lohan says she broke sobriety for ‘a glass of wine.'” — People Mag.

Hippie sightings…

“There are an ungodly number of hippies in Tucson.” — BuzzFeed D.C. Bureau Chief John Stanton.


“Sunrise this morning at the Tidal Basin.” — Fox5’s Tucker Barnes.