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Pub pushes for half-Jewish woman to replace Letterman… Calling her the “Jewish queen of late night,” The Jewish Daily Forward thinks Chelsea Handler is the woman to replace CBS’ late night host David Letterman. In the story they call her “mostly Jewish.”

An excerpt:

“But even the most snarky late night host needs to have a soft side, and the foul-mouthed comedian showed hers on an episode of ‘Who Do You Think You Are,’ a show where celebrities learn about their ancestors. During the program, Handler — who was raised in a mostly Jewish household by interfaith parents — discovered that her maternal grandfather had been a Nazi soldier. ‘I connect with my Judaism, or the Jewish side of my family, more than anything else,’ Handler said in a promo clip for the episode. Following the Nazi revelation, she broke down on the air. It was a rare glimpse at Handler’s vulnerable side, and it showed a range she’d previously been afraid to reveal.”  Read here  

Why is Roll Call‘s editor-in-chief preaching to Congress? The story centers on Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) saying members of Congress deserve higher paychecks. Christina Bellantoni writes, “I’ve given some speeches lately about politics in Washington, and I usually include a punchline that Congress’ record-low approval ratings have helped people working as similarly unpopular journalists and stock brokers breathe a sigh of relief. I appreciate the material, but c’mon. … While I’m on the subject of how America basically hates you, quit it with the secret votes. … You’re better than this. All of you. … In this particular case, Congress deserves all the negative attention it gets. It’s getting harder to stick up for you.” Apparently she pissed some lawmakers off, because she wrote on Twitter, “Members of Congress not thrilled by my column. But I toned down 1st version, deleting ‘That’s gross.'” Read her full remarks here.

The Daily Mail goes crazy for Kim Kardashian’s ass… A few great lines:A gold Brazilian-style bikini struggled to cope with the impossible task of containing Kim’s curves, instead settling between her cheeks. Forget the classic question does my bum look big in this, for it appears Kim already knows the answer.” See the full story here. It’s better than HuffPost‘s version of the same story. Except their email subject line was pretty clear click bait: “Kim Kardashian‘s Thong, And Other Stories You Should Be Reading.”