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Bo Dietl: When I was an NYPD cop, we called Al Sharpton “the fat rat”

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The following is a couple of white guys discussing the behavior of a black guy, which means it’s racist. Plus I’m talking about it, which makes it extra-racist. Feel free to dismiss it on that basis.

Last night, Bo Dietl and Sean Hannity had a chuckle over Al Sharpton’s claims that he was never an FBI informant. Video courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon:

How could such a thing happen to a pillar of the community such as Sharpton? “The majority of the time that we develop informants is when you get them on a felony case, and then you flip ’em, and they become an informant.”

That’s simply ridiculous. Just ask Al. He wasn’t a fat rat… he was a stocky supercop! Brendan Bordelon reports:

Al Sharpton was forced to confront his sordid (and much fatter) past on his MSNBC show Tuesday evening, telling his audience he “did the right thing” by ratting out mobsters to the FBI and decrying the “no-snitch campaign” occurring in black and minority communities…

“I contacted the FBI, even though I’d had recent run-ins with them in a separate boxing investigation,” he claimed. “My call led to my cooperating with the FBI against those mob guys, or who they say they were, to try to protect myself and others.”


In other Sharpton news, Patrick Howley reports:

Attorney General Eric Holder will introduce panel with gun-control activists at Al Sharpton’s National Action (NAN) convention this week on “How the Gun Won.”

No, it’s not about how the Union prevailed in the Civil War. It’s just part of Holder’s tedious, dishonest gun-grabbing campaign. That is, as long as it’s not one of the guns he’s sold to Mexican drug gangs…

Have a great convention, Rev. Rat!

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