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UK’s ‘climate change minister’: We’re murdering the planet with our baked-bean farts

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The science is settled: Global warming causes insanity.

Beans, beans, the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you HASTEN THE APOCALYPSE. Matt Chorley, Daily Mail:

People should eat fewer baked beans to reduce flatulence which can contribute to global warming, a minister suggested today.

Fears were raised about the impact of ‘smelly emissions’ caused by Brits eating more beans than any other country in the world.

Climate change minister Lady Verma said it was an ‘important’ issue and urged the public to ‘moderate our behaviour’.

I thought natural gas was good?

Let this serve as a warning, Britain: Don’t get near Lady Verma in a “lift” or on the “Tube.”

It’s about time the UK’s political class caught on. Everyone else has known about the problem for decades:

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