Conservative radio host forming super PAC to help GOP win Senate majority

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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A conservative radio host is forming a new super PAC to get involved in the most competitive Senate races in 2014, with the aim of helping Republicans win back the majority.

Martha Zoller, a radio host who ran as a Republican for Congress in Georgia in 2012, will be the face of the grassroots network that’s been named “Project 51,” she told The Daily Caller on Wednesday.

The focus of the efforts will be on helping Republican nominees in tight Senate races with grassroots campaigning, Zoller said. They do not plan to get involved in primaries.

“As we saw in the 2010 and 2012 cycles, Republicans spent too much time immediately following tough primaries trying to heal wounds among different factions,” a one-pager on the effort, obtained by TheDC, explains. “While Republicans tried to address these issues, the Democrat candidates took advantage of the Obama campaign apparatus and continued to motivate voters through turnout operations.”

Project 51 is being organized both as a 527 Super PAC and a 501(c) 4. According to the document, the 527 will work to elect Republican Senators while the 501(c)4 will focus on voter registration among historically hard to reach demographics, like women, minorities and youth voters.

In an interview in Washington on Wednesday, Zoller said the group doesn’t plan to spend its money on large media buys but rather on on-the-ground efforts in a variety of states.

“It’s all grassroots on the ground,” she said. “We’re not Karl Rove, $30 million dollars, with air wars going on. It’s about after a primary, saying to whomever wins the primary, ‘here are some tea party and establishment folks that are going to help you.’”

Zoller said the group has raised the initial seed money to get itself off the ground but is actively seeking funds. She said they would like to raise several hundred thousand to be able to play in the most competitive races.

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