DAILY CALLER PRO TIP: Don’t stage your prom photo with 22 kids on a rickety bridge

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Social media is awesome. You never know what will catch its fancy next. Will it be an unimpressed gymnast? A cat that hates everybody? White-hot hate for Michelle Obama’s school lunch regulations?

Well, this week, the social media world is going slightly atwitter over 22 students who unwisely chose to stand on a heaving, rickety old bridge for a pre-spring prom photo.

The students attend Pierce High School in the tiny, windswept town of Pierce, Neb., reports local NBC affiliate KTIV.

Naturally, the rickety old bridge collapsed—as rickety old bridges tend to do when something on the order of one-and-a-half tons worth of human beings presses down on them.

“We have a senior daughter Alisha and she wanted to know if she could have some friends come out and take pictures,” bridge owner Andy White told KTIV. “They decided to come and get a picture on a couple of the bridges here and they didn’t opt for the more sturdy one and they got 21 or 22 of them on this back one, and it turned out to be a little too much weight.”

Consequently, the well-dressed students took an unplanned dip in the cold water – about 4 feet deep – in the creek just below the bridge.

There were many sopping wet gowns and tuxedos, and some scrapes and bruises, but no one was seriously injured.

“Everyone was really nice about it and said it’s not your fault, you didn’t know that was going to happen,” Pierce High senior Alisha White told the station.

Lane Rohrich, one of the students who took the plunge, tweeted a photo of the soggy kerfuffle.

“We are up to 40,000 retweets and favorites and we are still moving up,” he told the NBC affiliate on Tuesday.

As of early Thursday morning, the small-town student’s tweet has been retweeted almost 51,000 times.


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