Photo proof parking in front of a fire hydrant is NBD

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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The photo below is proof that parking in front of a fire hydrant is perfectly ok, as long as you put your windows down.

Boston firefighters were forced to break the windows of this BMW to access the fire hydrant it was blocking when they responded to an 8-alarm fire Wednesday night.

(Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

After noticing a kink in the hose was slowing down the water flow, a number of firefighters surrounded the car, lifted it up and moved it over about a foot, reported the Globe.

The car was ticketed $100, and a spokesman for the Boston Fire Department said he was not amused. “[I]t’s really a serious situation,” he told the Boston Globe. “That water supply is the lifeblood of the engine company.”

Ok, the BMW driver is an asshole — he could have at least put the windows down. But he’s also a kind of civil rights hero, who proved parking in front of a fire hydrant is not the worst thing a human can do. And it definitely will not stop firefighters from doing their job.

Plus, the driver gave them an added opportunity to be awesome, and the chance to smash some stuff.

A former D.C. suburbs volunteer firefighter told The Daily Caller those situations definitely make things more interesting. “We always hope they’re expensive,” he added, referring to cars parked in front of hydrants.

30 people were reportedly displaced because of the fire.