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ABC News: Sorry about making it look like Brendan Eich has anything to do with Fred Phelps

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Last week, Good Morning America reported on the campaign to oust Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich for the thoughtcrime of believing in the traditional definition of marriage. Of course, they weren’t honest about it:

Did you notice how they threw in the Westboro Baptist loonies, who have nothing to do with Eich and vice versa? Yeah. A lot of people noticed that.

Scott Whitlock, Newsbusters:

ABC News Vice President Jeffrey Schneider has apologized for a story on his network that connected a CEO who supports traditional marriage to the Westboro Baptist Church and their offensive “God hates fags” signs…

ABCNews.com offered this apology:

“The segment as originally aired on Good Morning America on April 4, 2014, and included on this page, has been updated to correct an error. Video of a demonstration by the Westboro Baptist Church, which is not connected to this story, was inadvertently used in the original segment. We apologize for the error and have removed that video.”

Inadvertently. Sure. And the original lie went out on the air, whereas the correction is only online. A week later. The damage is already done, and the only people who’ll see the acknowledgement of error are the ones already looking for it.

Good thing we’ve got these gatekeepers to tell us what to think about the news. Oh, so you don’t agree with gay marriage? That means you hate gay people!

One way or another, they’ll find some way to malign you. Then they’ll claim it was “inadvertent,” and promise not to do it again. Till the next time.

And there will be a next time.

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