Awesome kid fights off, stuns bully kicking him in the face

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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An incredibly polite boy successfully fights off an aggressive bully in this YouTube video published Wednesday, leaving the girl apparently stunned.

“Please stop, I want to go home,” begs another kid on the bus, as the girl repeatedly slaps the victim in the face. “Who you f–kin with?” she asks. He initially tries to shield himself and yells “Stop!”

No adults are in the video, but one woman off-camera, presumably the bus driver, says she can’t get involved. “I’m calling 9-11 now,” she says.

When the bully starts kicking him in the head, the boy begins to fight back and manages to put her in a headlock. At this point the bully’s brother starts hitting the boy and telling him to “get the f–k off my sister.”

Crying and choking noises are heard in the background. The boy then lets go of the bully. “You OK?” he asks politely.

During the fight, someone says it reminds him of Chicago. “I used to see this everyday,” he says. “Don’t even phase me.”


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