God denied credit rating from Obamacare verification company

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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Brooklyn man God Gazarov has run into a problem unique to his name: Credit-reporting company Equifax refuses to give him a credit score because their system won’t accept his first name.

The Russian native is suing the company, since his lack of a credit score from them led him to being denied a car last year. “It’s extremely frustrating,” he told the New York Post. “I worked hard to get good credit to look good to lenders and this happens.”

Gazarov, 26, says he’s been contacting the company for the past two years and they refuse to do anything. He claims they even suggested he change his name. He was named after his grandfather.

The other two major credit-reporting companies, TransUnion and Experian, have no issue with his name and have both reported his credit rating as being around 720.

Equifax is the company used by Obamacare to verify identifies for enrollment. Looks like God is going to have trouble enrolling.

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