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DEFIANT QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I like kale. Go fuck yourselves.” — Washington Monthly contributor Sam Knight.

Others felt a burning need to weigh in on kale…

“Lunch every day: grilled chicken, kale, dried cranberries. Don’t care if my lunch smells like a fart, it’s really good.” — markfinworc. 

And the especially fartilicious Alex Pareene of Salon offered his two cents…

“Kale is good. most leafy greens are good. everyone needs to get over it. Namaste.” — Pareene.

Lede of the week: “President Obama flew to Texas to herald the “winds of change” that blew through the 1960s — but first, he had to protect First Lady Michelle Obama from a stiff breeze on the tarmac.” — New York Post Washington Bureau Chief Geoff Earle on President Obama holding down the first lady’s skirt as they exited Air Force One in Austin. Full story.

Columnist doesn’t give a shit if you don’t like his typo 

“Obviously there was a typo in that last natural tweet. Deal with it.” — Washington Post‘s Clinton Yates.

Editor says if you don’t cry reading story you’re heartless

“Friday Cover: I Served My Country. Then It Kicked Me Out. If this story doesn’t make you cry, you have no heart.” — Politico Magazine editor Susan Glasser.

Slice of journo life 

“Here I am at Starbucks, where a man has gotten up from his table to sit at mine and talk to himself.” — TheWire‘s Sara Morrison.

As Vox Media might ask, what’s Vox? 

“Vox is Latin for voice. giving voice to and or opinion. Not news delivery or reporting.” — Pittsburgh Tribune-Review political writer Salena Zito.

Speaking of Vox…

“I like Vox/think it’s going to be a great resource but some of it def. reads like it was written by a robot that’s trying to become sentient.” — BuzzFeed tech editor Charlie Warzel.

Convo Between Larry King and wife Shawn King

Shawn: “It is always best to take a deep breath before sending an angry tweet..I’m at JFK taking A LOT of deep breaths.”

Larry: “Keep breathing.”

JOURNALISM: Just in case you didn’t know where Ronan stood on Hillary

“Strike Hillary Clinton down with a shoe and she will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” — MSNBC’s newbie Ronan Farrow.

Editor tells on himself 

“I didn’t write a blog post today. #FIRETHATEDITOR” — Washington Free Beacon Managing Editor Sonny Bunch

A professional perspective on the 2016 race from a porn actress 

“If you want Hillary to be president you might as well root for Jeb Bush too. Fuck this dynasty bullshit.” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, failed mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner‘s ex-phone sex partner.

He’s falling and he can’t get up! 

“The news cycle started going too fast and I fell off.” — Politico‘s media writer Dylan Byers.

Overheard in the newsroom 

“Everyone is an asshole, a piece of self-interested shit. That’s all anyone is.” — Anonymous reporter, who later added, “Everyone in our culture today is an affirmational version of their worst selves. This is the impact of media.”


Who could have possibly said this to me this week?

“My [flack] would be so pissed if she knew I was talking to you like this. (please God tell me that is totally off the record).”