What if social media companies came from Westeros?

Grae Stafford Freelance Photographer
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Game of Throne’s intro is probably the greatest intro to a TV program ever. A masterpiece of graphical excellence, the camera swoops over George R. R. Martin’s mythical land of Westeros as cities and castles unfold out of the ground with clock work precision.

Now social media management company Hootsuite has remade the award winning intro replacing the great kingdoms of Westeros with social media networks as kingdoms for it’s latest commercial, using the tagline “Unite your social kingdoms.”

Facebook is there with it’s houses of WhatsApp and Instagram. Google makes a showing (obviously) with a giant telescope representing the search engine and Youtube is represented as a colosseum. Twitter has two towers symbolizing “@” and “#” with blue birds flying around them. Linkedin takes the form of a market place.

Check out the video here:

and here is the original to compare it to:

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