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Rep. Vance McAllister gets The New York Times treatment… If you haven’t gotten enough of the kissing congressman – you can’t really get too much, right? – NYT has a feature on the recent ordeal, complete with regular folk from his conservative Louisiana district, some of whom don’t care what he did, many of whom do. Patsy Edmondson has an important question: “If Jindal is going to ask him to resign, why is it not right for David Vitter to resign?” Vitter is a Republican Louisiana senator who slept with prostitutes but got reelected anyhow. His scandal surfaced in 2007. Read the story.

Here’s something unusual… A boss who dedicates himself to making his employees happy. It’s in England. See here. (No offense to my past bosses, some of whom are real pricks. If you’re reading this, no, of course I’m not referring to you!)

What if “I’m so busy” really means something far more sinister? See The New Yorker story on how “I’m so busy” may really mean the person can’t stand you. Read here

A 9-year-old boy gets Facebook better than most… He teaches his stupid mother some important things about the social media network, privacy and life. Maybe the best question I’ve read in awhile: “Why can’t you just take the picture and not do anything with it?” Read here.