‘Gone Girl’ trailer premieres [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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For hate-readers of “Gone Girl,” the suspenseful and thrilling then totally disappointing bestselling novel by Gillian Flynn*, the first trailer for David Fincher’s film adaptation will be pretty satisfying.

A chilling version of “She” (made famous by Elvis Costello) plays over the typically dark and misty Fincherian cinematography.

Ben Affleck (who I originally thought was too old to play this part, but seems to be sufficiently creepy enough in this teaser) plays Nick, who is suspected of killing his pretty, blonde wife Amy, played by Rosamund Pike.

BUT ARE THINGS AS THEY SEEM?! You will have to either read the book or pay $12 come October 3 to find out.

(*Flynn, who also wrote the movie’s screenplay, said in an interview that she was rewriting the ending, so maybe she got the message that people were pretty pissed off about it? It will be interesting to see what she did with it.)


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