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Washington journo explores bomb exploding blocks from White House… The Week‘s Marc Ambinder really must’ve been scratching his head going, ‘How can I scare the shit out of reporters working near 16th and K?’ Today he gets all our imaginations going with a ‘what if’ story on an imaginary suitcase nuke blowing up in downtown Washington at the aforementioned streets, which, yes, is a block and a half from my office as well as that of The Washington Free Beacon and The Hill, among others. Ambinder’s got 8 tips to help you survive such a disaster, most of which don’t sound so bad actually. Read the story

Why to eat a snack and what’s “hangry?” — Finally, a story from Vox Media today that wasn’t entirely annoying or overly condescending. See here.

WTH: A conservative journo to work for both ABC and FNC?Politico‘s Hadas Gold has a story on Laura Ingraham going to work at ABC News as a contributor. She’ll stay on at Fox News. This is a little unheard of cable news land. See here.

Barbara Walters isn’t the only interviewer who can make you cry… “Why am I crying on Oprah?” singer Pharrell Williams asks himself incredulously. Watch here.

Do winning Pulitzers even matter to the bottom line? ESPN’s FiveThirtyEight blog has a story today by the man himself – Nate Silver – trying to decipher whether winning Pulitzers increases a publication’s circulation. It’s a little confusing as the question is answered both yes and no. And no, nothing’s changed from a decade ago. Silver calls the results “noisy.” Yeah, I’d say so. Still, generally fun to read Silver. Read here