Cop swerves into longboarders, almost kills them, issues ticket

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A video of a cop car swerving–deliberately, it seems–into the path of a group of oncoming longboarders and then issuing a $35 ticket is drawing the ire of the Internet.

Longboarding is similar to skateboarding, except the board is longer and steadier, allowing riders to glide for longer periods of time. The incident happened in West Vancouver, where longboarding is illegal, according to The North Shore News.

A group of longboarders were coming down a hill when an oncoming police car swerved in front of them, forcing them to jump off their boards. A possibly deadly collision was narrowly averted. The entire scene was captured on video. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: This man’s camera saved him from lying cop)

One of the longboarders soon began arguing with the officer, who justified his actions by stating that the group was breaking the law.

“It’s illegal to ride a longboard out here, I’m sick and tired of dealing with you,” said the cop.

One of the longboarders berated the officer for endangering their lives.

“You made us all crash,” he said. “You should be doing better things with your time right now rather than running kids off the road with your vehicle.”

The cop issued a $35 ticket, according to a description on the YouTube page. The video’s author could not immediately be reached for comment.

The police department, aware of the social media outrage at the cop’s actions, has decided to investigate.

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