Outraged judge throws the book at five cops who lied on the stand

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Five Illinois police officers all testified that they searched a drug dealer’s vehicle — and found marijuana — only after obtaining probable cause from the suspect’s statements, but surprise video evidence contradicted this version of events and acquitted the suspect.

Cook County Circuit Judge Catherine Haberkorn tossed out the obviously false testimony, and furious state officials are considering criminal charges against the officers who lied under oath, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Two of the cops are with the Glenview Police Department, while the other three are assigned to the narcotics division of the Chicago Police Department. They were coordinating on an operation to apprehend 23-year-old Joseph Sperling, a repeat drug offender.

The officers testified that they pulled Sperling over for failing to signal a turn. Sperling admitted to carrying marijuana, and a backpack filled with the illegal substance was sitting open in the backseat, according to the officers. (RELATED: WATCH THIS: Secret video footage proves cop lied about horrific accident)

But Sperling’s lawyer obtained footage from the police dashboard camera, which showed that police arrested Sperling immediately, and then searched his car, finding the marijuana in a backpack under his seat.

The officers have been reassigned to desk jobs, and could face perjury charges.

Video evidence is increasingly being used to catch lying cops in their misstatements. (RELATED: Dashboard cam catches cops in unbelievable series of lies that led to man’s false arrest)

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