KFC offers drumstick corsage for prom season [VIDEO]

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In what is obviously the best viral marketing campaign ever – and possibly the best idea ever – KFC has launched a fried chicken corsage.

The deep-fried fowl behemoth is calling the drumstick corsage the ultimate “promposal” gift for girls, reports the Daily Mail.

Of course, it’s not clear why the corsage is being targeted predominantly toward females. What self-respecting male wouldn’t like a greasy, mouth-watering piece of meat on his tuxedo?

Anyway, the edible prom accessory is available at for only $20 (plus shipping). It comes with one drumstick coated in The Colonel’s scrumptious 11 herbs and spices. Buyers can choose Original Recipe, Extra Crispy or Kentucky Grilled Chicken. There’s also a beautiful wreath of baby’s breath flowers.

The novel corsage also comes with a $5 gift KFC gift certificate. So, really, the cost is just $15.

The first run of 100 romantic corsages has already sold out. However, a second batch is on its way.

Nanz & Kraft, a florist in Kentucky, is manufacturing the yummy flower-chicken creations.

KFC’s official Twitter account has been retweeting the perfect moment when high school students asked that lucky lady to prom with the breaded corsage.

A video touting the KFC corsage on YouTube has been viewed over 460,000 times thus far.

“Surprise your date with a chicken corsage that will make her eyes light up and her mouth water,” the video’s tagline reads.


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