Necrophilia is legal in these states

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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There are four states in the country where you can have sex with a dead body, but you cannot give (or receive, sorry!) a blow job.

According to Gawker’s Adam Weinstein and his very helpful map, you may not have anal or oral sex of any sort — even if you are in a good, old fashioned, hetero marriage — but you may engage in sexual intercourse with a corpse in Louisiana and North Carolina.

Louisiana (whose politicians are ALWAYS pillars of the moral community) recently upheld its ban on sodomy, even though the law was ruled to be unconstitutional.

Necrophilia map

In Kansas and Kentucky, straight people can have oral sex as much as they please, but gay and lesbian couples may not — which sort of leaves out a lot on the homosexual sex spectrum. However, it’s totally cool if gay or straight people give the time to a dead person.

Godless heathens in states like New Mexico, Nebraska and Vermont are cool with just about everything: These states allow necrophilia and oral sex between whomever, so the next time you feel like doing whatever you want with a cadaver, start there!

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