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Sex in D.C. bathrooms: the exposé… Washington City Paper‘s Jessica Sidman takes a deep dive into the subject of which restaurants in Washington are getting the most action in their loos. I’m a little startled to learn that among the biggest sex bathrooms in D.C. is in one of the cafes I frequent – Tryst. The sex was so prevalent that the sink in the men’s bathroom kept breaking. The biggest sex bathroom restaurants in Washington? Nellie’s Sports Bar (which serves a predominately gay clientele), The Coupe and The Palm (frequented by lots of Washington bigwigs). The Palm’s well-known manager Tommy Jacomo refused to answer any questions about it. Maybe the best line of the piece: “And the lesson stuck with him as he opened other restaurants: Don’t use wall-mounted sinks.” Read here.

CNN’s new White House correspondent talks about covering Royals versus the White House… Michelle Kosinksi has been a White House correspondent for CNN for all of one month. She previously lived in London and worked for NBC.  “It’s kind of nice to have a beat. I have never before in my life had a beat,” she says in an interview with Politico‘s Mike Allen for his “Open Mike” feature. “Tell us about where we are,” asks Allen, the pub’s chief white house correspondent. “This is the north lawn,” she explains, where everyone does their live shots. Most interesting line: “I personally don’t agree with covering celebrities the way we cover them,” she says, noting that she’s happier being on the more important White House beat. Watch here.

Gawker unearths BuzzFeed and The Daily Beast‘s failed Pulitzer missions… BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith admitted to Gawker today that the site sought the prize but wouldn’t say which articles they submitted. An anonymous staffer at Daily Beast confirmed the news. See the story by J.K. Trotter.