Llama mildly terrorizes junior college campus in Colorado [VIDEO]

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On Wednesday, a llama spent several hours roaming around the campus of Trinidad State Junior College, a two year-college in Trinidad, Colo., just north of the New Mexico border.

The llama on the loose wasn’t aggressive toward any human beings, reports CBS Denver. At the same time, the skittish wooly camelid had no interest in letting the local police or anyone else get close to it, either.

The cops had pursued the llama to foothills west of town by the afternoon. And that, apparently, is the last anyone has seen of the animal.

Nobody has been injured and there was no property damage during the mild melee.

The town of Trinidad is no stranger to loitering llamas, notes Denver NBC affiliate KUSA. Police say wandering llamas have repeatedly from the same residential property not far from the Trinidad State campus.

The unidentified home owner recently sold two out of three llamas. This third one seems to have decided to have perhaps one last go at self-determination.


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