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Dissecting the Selfie Era

“The Selfie Era means never doing anything without memorializing it/celebrating it/slapping your own back for it.” — NYT political reporter Michael Barbaro.

Here’s an interesting idea…

“How about a law requiring DC journalists to travel outside the beltway? That’s a start.” — FNC media critic Richard Grenell.

Cancer patient lashes out at Bill Keller – again 

“Too bad I am sitting waiting to be called for chemo while @billkeller2014 gets to do fun stuff. Oh. And Bill? I’m not dead yet.” — Lisa Bonchek Adams. Bill Keller is formerly with the NYT and now with The Marshall Project. Keller and his wife recently wrote that it was unseemly for Adams to be tweeting her bout with cancer. Not surprisingly, Bonchek and her fans took offense.

Producer showers with glasses, monitors cussing and coworker’s diet 

“I got in the shower with my glasses on this morning. AMA.” — Bill Press Show producer Peter Ogburn. And we don’t think he means Google Glass. In other Ogburn matters… the night before, he wrote, “There’s a woman in this bar whose foul mouth rivals mine. She’s using the word “fuck” like a comma.” And watch out, Ogburn will watch what you eat: “Dude in my office has eaten FOUR Fiber One bars over the course of the afternoon. Guess he gets a free trip to the moon with that meal.”

Which D.C. restaurant bathroom isn’t appealing for sex? 

“My question is, which DC restaurant is least likely to be the venue for bathroom sex? Bombay Club? Steak & Egg?” — The Atlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg, reacting to Washington City Paper‘s story on sex in D.C. bathrooms

On lying to reporters 

Alleged Trump aide Sam Nunberg: STONE ZONE Rule #1: “Never lie to reporters.”

GOP political consultant and author Roger Stone: “…and just don’t necessarily tell them everything.”

Trump-Ethics Complaint.JPEG

Speaking of Trump…

“Memo to the media: STOP FEEDING HIS EGO. #DonaldTrumpIsTheWorst” — Mediaite’s Josh Feldman.

National Review reporter makes fun of Politico story on Jeb Bush