‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ sequel reportedly in the works, for some reason

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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It looks like Robin Williams will strap on Euphegenia Doubtfire’s giant, saggy boobs again because a “Mrs. Doubtfire” sequel is in the works for some reason (we’ll get to the reason in a moment).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, both Williams and the original 1993 film’s director Chris Columbus are attached to the Fox 2000 project. “Elf” screenwriter David Berenbaum is working on the script.

There has been a script for a sequel floating around for about a decade, but the project lost momentum probably because how can you make a sequel about Mrs. Doubtfire when everyone finds out that it is really Daniel in the end and they all live happily ever after?

Also, the Hillard’s kids would be, what, at least thirty by now? Do they really need a nanny who is also their dad in drag?

Also, how many more gags about a man catching his floppy boobs on fire and/ or losing his fake teeth in water can there be?

Also, since it’s been over 20 years since the original, Pierce Brosnan may not feel so confident about getting into a Speedo anymore so, really, what would be the point? The answer: $$$

THR writes that the original film grossed $219 million domestically and $222 million internationally, which would make it an even bigger blockbuster now.

And since all Hollywood cares about is money and not originality (which is why there have been so many damn sequels and prequels and trilogies lately), all they need to do is crank out some tired physical comedy bits and slap a wig and a British accent on Robin Williams and it will be GOLD.

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