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Writer reacquaints  himself with Gabriel Garcia Marquez

“Re-reading some old Marquez. Truly exquisite literature. I’m just sorry he won’t be around to appreciate Hard Choices, by Hillary Clinton.” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich.

The ABC Scandal finale flips some viewers out 

“So now I’m supposed to go to sleep for 3 hours? #ScandalFinale” — ABC7’s Sara Van Aernum.

Newsie woman confuses own pub for Daily Caller

“Just accidentally wrote ‘the daily caller’ instead of ‘the daily beast’ :(” — Olivia Nuzzi, The Daily Beast.

Journo seeks an app for revenge 

“There should be a way to alert yourself to all the questions you asked your ‘Tweeps’ that you never got a response to. You jerks.” — Politico‘s Patrick Gavin.

The Observer

“The change in my opinion of a tweet when I see which person retweeted it is deeply disturbing.” — Sean Joyce.


BuzzFeed reporter chastises Kim Kardashian 

“Not a tweet sorry, please take this to Facebook.” — BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynski to Kim Kardashian, who wrote: “Today’s look- #AlexandreVauthierDress#AlaiaHeels


“Scoop: CNN now reporting that there’s lots of trash floating around in the Indian Ocean” — The Sunday TimesToby Harnden.

Humblebrag on multiple levels 

“The problem when you are visiting in town is everyone wants to get drinks, but there are only so many one can consume.” — TheBlaze‘s Oliver Darcy.

Congratulations to…

“Leaving @politico at the end of the month to head to @NPR. Been a great ride with the best political reporters in the business.” — Politico‘s Juana Summers.


Thank you for Sharing: Is Capehart a “would-be coke dealer?” 

“@CapehartJ & this is exactly why no one takes you or your ilk seriously. Are you a would-be-coke-dealer-turned-mob-informant? Sounds like it.” – H.G. Pennypacker, whose bio reads as follow: “Blocked by Barro, Fournier, Olberman, Fugelsang, Capeheart, Obeidallah, J Marshall, Winstead, Savage, J Myerson, Sargent, D Corn, M Mann, C Pelosi & J Walsh.” Jonathan Capehart, who retweeted this piece of hate, is a liberal columnist at The Washington Post and an MSNBC contributor.

Cracking on Vox Media Part I

The conversationalists are TheBlaze’s T. Becket Adams and John Tabin, a contributor to American Spectator.