Analysis: Colleges invited WAY MORE Dems than Reps to speak

Robby Soave Reporter
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Spring commencement season is here: A time for colleges and universities to invite notable alumni, politicians, journalists and entertainers to address the graduating class of 2014.

And like most years, universities have invited a disproportionately high number of Democrats.

Democratic speakers outnumber Republicans 2-1 this year, according to an analysis by Campus Reform. Ten of President Obama’s 16 Cabinet members will give commencement addresses. Barack and Michelle Obama will both speak, as Vice President Biden, former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore.

The number of former Republican presidents and vice presidents schedule to speak: Zero.

Invited Democratic senators and political operatives also outnumber Republicans.

Republican speakers are also outnumbered in branches of government where they actually hold a majority. Republicans hold vastly more governorships than Democrats, and yet 11 Democratic governors will speak, compared with just 6 Republicans.

Overall, Campus Reform found that Democratic speakers outnumbers Republicans 56-26.

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