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Mentioning that Hillary Clinton will soon be a grandmother is ageist, because she’s a Democrat

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Thank goodness for Twitter, or we might have to wait as long as an hour for our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left to make complete fools of themselves.

They’re on the case, ferreting out the latest thoughtcrime among those teabaggin’ wingnuts who hate women and old people and everybody else:


That’s right. Using a recent picture of Hillary Clinton, who is 66 years old, and noting that she’s soon to be a grandmother, which is true, is bad. Because… well… it just is. Shut up!

Here are some of the other righteously indignant reactions to this unforgivable hate crime, courtesy of Twitchy:




Back in 2008, when the media was full of stories about how a President McCain could keel over at any moment and leave that dunce Palin in charge, I don’t remember any of these guys complaining about “ageism” or “wooing the gentlemen” or anything of that nature.

Why, remember how respectful that nice young man David Letterman was toward McCain, who’s a full 10 years older than him?

Pointing out the left’s double standards won’t make them stop, of course. If it weren’t for double standards, they’d have none at all. But we know what they’re doing, and we can point it out to all those on-the-fence voters who haven’t yet fallen over into Crazyland.

But hey, good job taking what should’ve been a happy occasion and ruining it for her, Hillaryites. You just can’t help yourselves.

(Please note that I illustrated this post with a picture of Hillary Clinton in her early ’20s, which is how we are to depict her from this moment forward. And from now on, no mention is to be made of Hillary’s daughter Chelsea, let alone any offspring Chelsea bears. Because that’s ageist.)