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What happens when a reporter stops being himself and puts on Google Glass…If you didn’t already fear what technology could do to our culture, read The Weekly Standard’s lengthy (but well worth the read) story on what it was it’s like to live Google Glass. Mid-reporting, Google PR tries to give him a lot of shit, but see how author Matt Labash handles it. Let’s just say they won’t be playing tennis anytime soon. Read here

What’s it like to ask your first question to the POTUS? NPR’s Tamara Keith details the ordeal of coming up with her first question for President Obama in a first person account. She doesn’t sugarcoat the daily briefings that are mostly Jay Carney at the podium. “Truth be told, it’s not all that exciting.” But the prospect of Obama calling on her? Her skin got warm, she broke out into a cold sweat. Read the story

Nevada governor refers to a woman’s clitoris by accident… That’s right. Spellcheck disasters can even reach the level of the Nevada governor’s office where a staffer in Gov. Brian Sandoval mistakenly characterized the work that employees do to protect “cultural resources” (yeah, cultural, if you know what we mean). See here.

A story to love reading by NYT‘s Frank Bruni…Read about Bruni’s Easter here.