Caught on camera: Cop kicking kids during a soccer game

Robby Soave Reporter
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A Texas police department is investigating a mean-spirited officer who was caught on camera tripping and shoving students as they ran onto a soccer field to celebrate their team’s state championship victory.

Vandegrift High School in Austin, Texas won the soccer state championship on Saturday. Triumphant students rushed the field in celebration, KXAN reports.

But according to video footage, a uniformed officer with the City of Georgetown Police Department hurried up to students and attempted to kick them as they rushed the field. He shoved a few, including at least one young woman.

One of those attacked, who he kicked in the legs, limped off the field after the encounter.

Angry parents contacted the police department, which is investigating the matter. (RELATED: Elderly man calls for ambulance, violent cops beat him instead)

“I think that he should have used better judgment,” said Rohan Gupta, a 16-year-old student who recorded the officer’s actions. “We’re high schoolers, we’re nothing more than that. We’re just trying to have some fun after our team won.”

The officer was later identified as George Bermudez. He was chosen as the department’s outstanding officer last year, according to the American Statesman. He has been placed on leave.

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