Former President George H.W. Bush: One of my ‘guilty pleasures’ is socks

Caroline May | Reporter

Former President H.W. Bush is incorporating his love for socks into a Republican National Committee fundraising push.

“I don’t know what your guilty pleasures are in life, but one of mine is socks,” the elder Bush, known for wearing eye-catching, multi-colored socks, wrote in a Monday fundraising appeal.

“The louder, the brighter, the crazier the pattern — the better!” he continued. “It’s usually the first thing people notice I’m wearing whenever I’m out in public and that’s the way I like it.”

According to Bush, the reason he agreed to write supporters on behalf of the RNC was that the committee agreed to incorporate socks into the plea. The committee commissioned a special multicolored sock in Bush’s honor, embroidered with a GOP elephant and his signature.

Those who donate $35 or over will get a pair of the socks, and according to Bush, the donation will be matched by a group of donors.

“I am deeply touched the RNC has chosen to make a limited-edition pair of socks with the Republican elephant in my honor. I hope you will get a pair for yourself or as a gift for a friend by sending a special campaign donation of $35 or more to the RNC today,” he wrote in a postscript to his message. “Your contribution is vital to helping elect Republicans from the county courthouse to the corridors of Congress in the critical 2014 elections.”

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