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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger

On being authentically yourself… In a beautiful story by The New Republic‘s senior editor Noam Scheiber, he explains why he’s majorly cutting down on speaking to his daughter in Hebrew. There’s a time and place for first-person stories and this was it. An excerpt: “For example, I am funny in English. Or at least I have my moments. Not so in Hebrew. My Hebrew self turns out to be much colder, more earnest, and, let’s face it, less articulate.” Read the full story here.

Sayanara David Gregory? Mediaite columnist says yes… TV analyst and commentator Joe Concha tells us why this is the beginning of the end for NBC “Meet the Press” host David Gregory, who got a shitload of bad press Tuesday as many publications reported that he and the program received a psychological assessment from a “psychological consultant.” The network claimed it was a “brand consultant” who had no degree in psychology. Mark Concha’s words? See here.

WaPo restaurant critic dings Italian joint… Not sure what it is about crappy restaurant reviews, but they are such fun to read. So thank you to WaPo‘s restaurant critic Tom Seitsema for hating Arlington’s La Tagliatella and not pussy footing around about it. He gives it all of half a star. And maybe the worst insult of all? Seitsema says he prefers food at the Olive Garden to this place. To be sure, he actually visited the Olive Garden in Falls Church to do some “comparison grazing.”  See here.