Man disregards signal, walks right into path of oncoming train [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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A man blatantly disregards multiple warnings of an oncoming train, walks right into its path, and somehow escapes with his life in this footage of the massive Czech-Republic crossing. He does lose a pair of shoes.

He is seen walking around the outer barrier and apparently ignoring the flashing red lights, and then slowly making his way across the five sets of tracks, before the train knocks him to the ground. The view of the scene is narrow, but it’s fair to assume he could have seen or heard the train approaching. Perhaps he was drunk or high, but he hesitates after crossing the barrier, suggesting he at least recognized the danger.

He gets up from the tracks visibly shaken, but none of the cars stop or appear to acknowledge him. Eventually someone on a bike stops and apparently offers help.

What’s worse: The blatant disregard this man has for his own life, or the apparent complete indifference of the onlookers?


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