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Heads up LSD users “LSD-like drug called “Smiles” surfaces in area, sends 3 teenage girls to hospital in Loudoun County.” — NBC Washington.

My First Tweet 

“Learning about Twitter … why not?” — WaPo‘s Jackie Kucinich, July 11, 2008.

Next steps for Bump “I’ll be blogging about politics, as usual, from the cozy confines of New York City. I am, obviously, excited.” — Phillip Bump, who is moving from The Atlantic Wire (a.k.a. The Wire) to WaPo. Aside from landing a new gig, he’s not about to start dancing to Pharrell Williams‘ “Happy” just yet: “My 2014 is kind of ruined, since neither the Knicks or Mets is in contention to win a championship.”

Journo has advice for tourists

“I really do try not to be a jerk about tourists, but folks, there are feet attached to your legs which can be used to propel you forward.” — National Journal healthcare reporter Sam Baker.

Fighting words

“To the presumed restaurant manager with the slicked back hair: No one is impressed by your convertible Solara. No one.” TWT‘s Jessica Chasmar.

Press secretary is ashamed of former school columns 

“The horror that has overcome me reading my ‘columns’  from the newspaper I wrote for at my all girls’ school is very real.” — Capitol Hill flak Ellen Carmichael.

Preaching to the choir

“A universal sarcasm font or symbol would be really, really appreciated, internet.” — NBC News social and digital producer Stephanie Haberman.

The Atlantic‘s Defense One is looking for a national security reporter... See here.

And a Daily Beast reporter does the unthinkable!  “Just realized I’ve had on sunglasses indoors for at least 10 min.” — Daily Beast‘s Olivia Nuzzi.


HOLY SH%T! “Breaking: heavy police presence at National Zoo. Teens and police running.” — WUSA9’s Russ Ptacek with the above photograph. Minutes later…BREAKING: One man shot outside gates of National Zoo. No word on his condition.” — NBC Washington. Two people were reportedly injured, but not fatally so.


STRANGE SPRING FASHION? “What if you were on the cover of Vogue and this was the shit they dressed you in?”The Daily Beast‘s Kevin Fallon.