Teacher throws high school senior out of prom for wearing red skinny jeans

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It’s prom season, America, and you know what that means: A solid stream of stories about the prom follies of students and – likely more often – their bizarrely overbearing teachers and school officials.

Take the case of Shafer Rupard, a senior at Cherryville High School in the small town of Cherryville, N.C.

Last Saturday, a chaperoning teacher kicked Rupard out of the Cherryville High senior prom because she was wearing a pair of red skinny jeans, reports WBTV, the CBS affiliate in Charlotte.

“In a way, it’s kind of a slap in the face,” Rupard to WBTV.

Rupard managed to get into the prom, held at the arguably prestigious Cherryville Golf & County Club.

Once she made her way to the dance floor to shake a leg, though, the unidentified teacher approached her and told her she had to leave.

“The teacher tapped me on the shoulder and said she had a problem with what I was wearing,” Rupard told the station. “I thought it was because of the hat or the leather jacket and I was like, well, I’ll take those off and she was like, no, it’s the pants.”

Rupard’s mother, Shawn McQuaige, believes her daughter’s jeans are perfectly fine.

“It’s just the way she’s always been and she wanted to feel comfortable in her own skin,” McQuaige told WBTV.

“We want to put out the message to all teenagers that you should be allowed to be yourself,” she added.

Both mother and daughter have also noted that the bright red jeans don’t run fall afoul of any dress code for prom.

“We looked in the student code of conduct book and there isn’t a dress code at all,” Rupard told the CBS affiliate.

McQuaige showed the school dress code to Cherryville High assistant principal via email. The assistant principal, she said, was forced to admit that school rules don’t prohibit red skinny jeans at the prom.

“She said: you know what? You’re right. There is no dress code here.”

The Daily Caller expects a bevy of bizarre, painful and offensive prom stories to accumulate at a fast and furious pace over the next couple weeks.

Last week, for example, bureaucrats at Central York High School in Pennsylvania suspended a senior after he asked the reigning Miss America, Nina Davuluri, to attend the prom with him during the question-and-answer segment of an all-school assembly. (RELATED: TOTALLY WORTH IT: High school senior suspended for asking Miss America to prom)

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