‘Walking Dead’ series isn’t walking away anytime soon

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Not to worry, there’s no end in sight for AMC’s hit TV series “The Walking Dead.” In a recent interview with Larry King, showrunner Scott Gimple said it could go on, well, forever.

“As a TV show, all TV shows end, but I will say, I think it’s possible that it could go on and on and on,” Gimple said. “I think if it went 10 years, if it went longer than that, it’s possible that the cast — considering the amount of deaths on this cast and everything else — after 10, 12 years, it could shift into a whole new cast.”

Perfect. When Rick or Glen or (God forbid) Daryl eventually succumbs to a zombie horde, just remember he is paving the way for you to develop an attachment to an entirely new set of characters, so they can also slowly be killed off. And so on.

Viewers do seem to love the unending cycle of death and despair and have demonstrated a so far insatiable appetite for the unforgiving zombie-world. “The Walking Dead” is cable’s highest rated show. Season 4 saw a 24-percent increase in viewers, and the finale averaged 15.7 million viewers. By comparison, the “Breaking Bad” series finale averaged 10.3 million viewers, and AMC’s other hit series, “Mad Men,” averaged just 2.7 million viewers in its Season 6 finale.

AMC has already announced a spin-off series based in another part of “The Walking Dead” universe, set to air in 2015.

Watch the full Larry King interview:

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