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Why Washington D.C. gossip STILL sucks

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quite possibly the dumbest story I’ve ever read in my life (or at least in the month of April) has entered my radar screen. It’s a story by none other than U.S. News & World Report’s “gossip” columnist Nikki Schwab, who is still writing the same vanilla infused items she wrote for “Yeas & Nays” at the Washington Examiner.

Only now her column is called “Washington Whispers,” which she took over from Paul Bedard, who now writes the Secrets column at the Washington Examiner. God help us survive this. 

Please tell me…who is “whispering” about the man dressed as a mosquito at the White House Easter Egg Roll roaming around the South Lawn to teach kids abut malaria? Exactly no one. If the guy had malaria and was spreading it around, maybe then it would be interesting. Or if were pinching women’s asses or having some sort of psychotic break, maybe then it might be worthy of an item.

But an entire item devoted to some dude dressed up like a mosquito and this is what U.S. News & World Report deems is gossip? This is beyond disappointing. And it’s not the first time that Schwab has made this feature. She landed here in December for writing about the President’s love of pie crust.

This was the best and only quote Schwab came up with on “Mozzie the Mosquito.”

“On the court was a man dressed as a mosquito,” pointed out pool reporter Sarah D. Wire, the Washington correspondent for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, who told Whispers the mosquito was “by far the oddest creature there.”

Even her “random” tweet on the story was embarrassing.

Why bother going to the White House if this is what you’re going to bring back? And this, Mirror readers, is among the many examples of why gossip still sucks in Washington.