Would you send your kid to a $33,500 preschool?

Sarah Hofmann Contributor
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A new preschool specializing in ages three months to two years is opening in Gramercy, New York. “Explore + Discover” is set to open September 8 and will run parents $2,791 a month if they want their little Skylars and Braydens to get a top notch pre-education.

The private preschool is staffed exclusively by teachers that all have masters degrees in early childhood education. Many have musical training as well, and will feed, diaper and put the kids down for naps in between expanding their little brains.

Renee Bock, the chief academic officer at the school’s managing company K3 Learning told DNAinfo New York, “It’s a play-based program that emphasizes all that children can do. From birth, children are incredibly confident and creative. It’s up to us as teachers to create an environment where they can thrive.”

The curriculum will be child-determined. Jacqueline Marks, director of “Explore + Discover” explained, “Let’s say the teachers notice that the child keeps going back to the same basket of rocks day after day. They’ll watch to see what they’re doing with them. Are they knocking them together or lining them up?”

The school is expected to service around 80 tots. Parents can opt for the five days a week plan at the cost of $2,791 a month, or do three days a week for $1,990, or two days a week for $1,399.

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