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Elizabeth Warren makes heap big omission in autobiography

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After you’ve been busted lying about your ancestry to get ahead in a race-obsessed profession, which serves as a stepping-stone to national office, how do you write an autobiography without addressing your lie?

Simple: You just don’t address it! It’s not like the people who’ll vote for you no matter what will care. Brian Walsh, US News:

In a new book released today, Massachusetts Democratic senator and potential presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren attempts to rewrite history regarding the controversy surrounding her “Native American” ancestry that emerged in the 2012 Senate campaign…

To be fair, most reviews note that Warren has never substantiated her claims of Native American heritage, which is true. The larger and unaddressed issue, however, is whether or not Warren falsely claimed minority status in order to gain an unfair advantage in her academic career…

What’s perhaps most notable about Warren’s book is that she even includes a section called “Native American,” in which she reportedly writes, “Everyone on our mother’s side — aunts, uncles, and grandparents — talked openly about their Native American ancestry. My brothers and I grew up on stories about our grandfather building one-room schoolhouses and about our grandparents’ courtship and their early lives together in Indian Territory.”

This is ironic because, until the Boston Herald first broke the news in April 2012 that Harvard Law School had repeatedly promoted Warren as a Native American faculty member, Warren never once mentioned these stories of her upbringing in a single press interview, speech, class lecture or testimony at any point, ever, in her decades-long career…

In fact, it was not until she was in her 30s and focused on climbing the highly competitive ladder of law school academia that Warren apparently rediscovered her Native American heritage.

Did Elizabeth Warren fraudulently take advantage of racial preferences to further her career? Whose place did she take, who could have benefitted from that program legitimately? Should she unseal the records and show us what she’s been hiding all these years? Should she be punished for her decades-long fraud?

Just kidding. She’s a Democrat, and she’s being groomed to run for president someday. Nothing to see here, peasants.

(Hat tip: Washington Free Beacon)

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