George Will socks it to Colbert: ‘I’m aware of the standards here’

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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George Will opened up his appearance on “The Colbert Report” with a witty slam of the liberal host, Stephen Colbert.

While explaining Will’s credentials to the audience, Colbert accidentally said that Will’s column appears in 50 newspapers instead of 500.

“I’m sorry, 500 newspapers worldwide,” Colbert corrected himself. “Did that rattle you for a second? Did you think you got fired from 450 newspapers?”

“No, I’m aware of the standards here,” Will shot back.

The rest of the interview between the legendary conservative columnist and the liberal comedian was actually rather friendly and entertaining.

In an interview with The Daily Caller before appearing on the show, Will said he doesn’t think he has ever seen Colbert’s show outside of the couple of times he has been on it and that while he thinks Colbert is bright, he is “incorrigibly wrong” on issues like campaign finance reform.

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