New York Times excludes Asian-Americans from affirmative action study

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The New York Times has published a study trying to assert that minorities are worse off without affirmative action.

But the Times excluded Asian-Americans and many other types of minorities and misleadingly ended the stats in 2011, despite the fact that Hispanics have made significant gains in college admissions since then.

The piece, “How Minorities Have Fared in States with Affirmative Action Bans,” shows that Hispanic and black enrollment at public colleges in California, Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Washington state declined after state affirmative action bans.

But while the Times cited numbers for blacks and Hispanics, the newspaper of record declined to cite numbers for Asian-Americans. The American Enterprise Institute’s Charles Murray was first to point out the missing data.

This year, Hispanic students surpassed white students to take a 28.8 percent share of University of California system admissions, becoming the second-largest group of admitted students in the system behind Asian-Americans.

Asian-American state lawmakers last month blocked legislation to restore affirmative action quotas in college admissions in California.

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