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Is it okay to not care that Cliven Bundy is a bigot?

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I haven’t been following the Cliven Bundy case because, believe it or not, southwestern grazing disputes have never been among my interests. I know the Daily Caller has done stories about him because I’ve seen the headlines, but I haven’t followed the whole thing. I haven’t written a word about him before today. I don’t care.

But now that this Bundy fellow has publicly said things that have offended a lot of black people, suddenly he represents everybody to the right of Karl Marx. Suddenly I’m obliged to have an opinion about him.

If you want to know what I think about some rancher in Nevada, I tend to agree with the always delightful and perceptive Kira Davis. Be warned: I’m told she isn’t a proper African-American because she’s a conservative. Be that as it may, here she’s 100% correct.

What Kira said.

I don’t know if Bundy’s grazing dispute has any merit. And I certainly wouldn’t subscribe to his newsletter. All I know is that he’s the latest private citizen to stand up to the government and be excoriated by the media for it. Like Kira said, it’s not about one guy. It’s about the media abusing their power to stifle dissent against government control. Just ask anybody who’s been raked over the coals for daring to complain about their health insurance. Ask Joe the Plumber. Ask Ben Carson. Ask Carrie Prejean. Ask anybody who inconveniences the left.

The message is simple: Submit, or this will happen to you too. And it’ll continue, whether or not some rancher you’ve never heard of is a dumb bigot.


Update: Is it possible the NYT didn’t tell us the whole story about this guy? You make the call.

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