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ScarJoe’s faux presidential campaign persists

“With a book to sell and a wide-open Republican presidential field for 2016, [Joe] Scarborough has started showing up in pivotal primary states, kinda-sorta flirting with the idea of running for president but mostly basking in the free media coverage and adoring attention from conservative activists.” — CNN national political reporter Peter Hamby in a story on in a report stating that Scarborough will speak to the New Hampshire Republican Party’s annual meeting in May.  (Pssst…don’t look for Hamby to be chumming it up on “Morning Joe” anytime soon.)

Irony is…

“Weird that Allen West sends me so many spam emails but when I call him for comment on things he always hangs up on me.” — BuzzFeed‘s Andrew Kaczynksi.

Scenes from Poopville…

“That moment you look out the window by your desk and see your dog is rolling in poop.” — occasional blogger George Scoville.

How courageous is ‘courageous’ really? 

“Is there a more overused word than ‘courageous’?” — National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru.

Dinner party question

“Has anyone ever ordered a last meal containing a food to which they were deathly allergic?” — Business Insider executive editor Joseph Weisenthal.

What are the chances? 

“Overheard on the scanner: ‘There is a lingerie incident going on at Victoria Secret'” — Pittsburgh Tribune-Review political writer Salena Zito.

BuzzFeed gets nearly buck naked 


RACY BLOG IDEA:”I’m going to start a blog called ‘move the sheet.’ here is an example. #WhiteboywednsdayBuzzFeed reporter Tracy Clayton with the accompanying photograph.

She’s grateful to be a reporter

“These are the days I am absurdly happy and grateful to be a reporter. I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t a journalist.” — BuzzFeed reporter Ellie Hall.

Forget the bus, Sen. Booker’s a train guy