Media Matters Founder David Brock: We Appreciate Soros Funding To Pursue Journalists

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Media Matters founder David Brock said Sunday that he’s grateful for progressive billionaire George Soros’ “generosity” and confirmed that he chooses to “pursue” journalists if he “starts to see patterns” in their work.

Brock, his silver mane and bizarre vocal intonations lending him the likeness of a socially awkward Bond villain, sat in San Francisco for a softball interview with CNN’s Reliable Sources to respond to the controversy surrounding former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson. The liberal smear machine Media Matters has been hammering the brilliant female investigative reporter with the term “shoddy reporting” to describe her exposes on Obama administration scandals including Fast and Furious and Benghazi.

Attkisson said that she was discouraged from reporting negatively on the Obama administration while at CBS News and claimed that Media Matters was paid to target her work specifically. Brock denied the accusation, but confirmed that his group pursues journalists who emerge on his “radar screen.”

“Look, we’re almost 24/7 monitoring a cross range of national political media and she came on our radar screen in the normal course of events. There was nothing unusual about it. We noticed a pattern of misinformation in her work, we posted critiques to our website of her work, and it was all transparent,” Brock said.

“You do pursue individual journalists who you feel are inaccurate or are biased,” the host asked.

“Sure we do. Right. It’s well beyond Sharryl Atkisson. We’re watching, we’re monitoring all of national journalism and once we start to see patterns we will stay on a story just like a journalist will stay on a story. And so in her case we did stay on her story,” Brock said.

“We do work with reporters. We’re a media watchdog group,” Brock said.

Media Matters’ smears of conservative journalists, which often link right-leaning outlets and commentators to accusations of bigotry of some variety, are routinely parroted by the mainstream media.

“We appreciate George Soros’ generosity. He is a major donor but it’s not a huge percentage of our budget,” Brock said, placing Soros’ contributions to his funding at “less than ten percent.”

Brock either struggled with his earpiece or scratched his head at one point in the interview, prompting a CNN cutaway, and generally looked and sounded even more out of touch with reality than usual.

The Daily Caller famously exposed Media Matters in a 2012 investigation, in which TheDC revealed that Brock travels with armed bodyguards to protect himself against imagined right-wing snipers and that he wanted to fire an employee for being physically unattractive.

“There were a lot of conversations about David’s mental health,” said an attendee of a 2008 Democracy Alliance meeting that Brock attended, where he made an aggressive alienating scene. A number of people in Brock’s orbit believed that he was using illegal drugs including cocaine.

Brock is a famous turncoat, working as a conservative reporter for The American Spectator in the 1990’s before crafting an elaborate conversion to liberalism.

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