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Obama And The ‘Politburo Attitude’ To ‘Define The Truth’

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With parents who fought communism in Hungary, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a military theory professor at Marine Corps University, sees through the elite media filter impairing America’s strategic understanding of the world’s increasing instability.

In these exclusive video interviews, Dr. Gorka discusses the threats America faces while exposing the inability of the Obama Administration to keep our country safe with a diminishing global stature.

 PART 1: America rejects world leadership at great cost; Alinsky governance is making us less safe; elites believe they can manipulate truth. This behavior – last seen in the Politburo.

Challenging millennials and isolationists, Sebastian Gorka says, “If you think Ukraine does not matter, than you don’t understand 1776.” Ukraine merely wants self-determination as America did.  He says, “America is about the values the founding fathers created America on.”

The Obama Administration’s statecraft is centered on ad hoc reactions that are based on the progressive ideology of Saul Alinsky, that, according to Gorka, make the Obama team “almost incapable of understanding the threats we face today.”

Explaining the contradiction between President Obama’s chastising of Russian Prime Minister Putin for violating international law,while his Administration shows blatant disregard for the rule of law at home, Gorka says they don’t feel tied to consistency.  He explains these hard left ideologues fundamentally believe they can define the truth and are not constrained by any kind of law.

In the video interview, Gorka explains them as believing, “We are committed to social engineering. We are committed to the idea that we can change reality. We can mold human beings into a more progressive version of themselves.  And, in that cause of engineering society into what we wish it to look like, we can say whatever we wish to say.”

“And, if it suits our purpose not to uphold the Constitution domestically, to do things that are illegal…but at the same time appeal to an idealistic international law and the ideas of multilateralism when it comes to crises in Europe, so be it, because I get to define the truth. And this is disturbing because the last time we saw this attitude to truth, it was actually demonstrated by the Politburo and the Central Committee of the Communist Party in the Kremlin,” Gorka continued.

 Part 2 – Self interest supersedes national interests; Ukraine, Putin, Obama and Kerry; The Administration’s affirmative action to Asia. Hope and change as a policy created a vacuum.

Gorka explains, “There has been a change amongst the youth,” one he summarizes as “the idea that I am owed something.” Attributing the change in sentiment to American schools over the last fifty years, he calls this “un-American.”

In this interview he says, “the idea that I define value based on whether or not I profit from something? That’s not what George Washington or Thomas Jefferson would have understood by value. The idea that true value comes from sacrifice from the support of eternal truths that sometimes may be painful to uphold.”

He believes that “sentiment is growing and the Democrats know if they can build that base, then that’s an automatic voting block for them in perpetuity.”

A failure to understand history, especially when considering the turmoil in the Middle East, Gorka says that, “There is something that informs everything that’s going on in the Middle East and North Africa. And this administration ignores that because then you’d have to understand religion. Then you’d have to understand what jihad means and why the Shia want to kill the Sunnis, and vice versa. So there’s ignorance and there’s a reactive attitude.”

Commenting on why our Secretary of State John Kerry seemed surprised at Putin’s aggression in the Ukraine, Gorka admitted he “can’t dissociate his [Kerry’s] reaction to the events to Ukraine, Syria or elsewhere with his history…He became famous as a Vietnam vet coming home, who, on television, threw his medals across the White House fence in protest against our war against communism in Southeast Asia.

“He didn’t even have the gall or the spine to actually throw his own medals. He bought then from another veteran because he wanted to keep his own. Until he repudiates this act, I don’t take him seriously as a statesman. And the fact that he’s surprised by a professional counter intelligence operative like Vladimir Putin shouldn’t surprise anyone,” the security expert explained.

 Gorka is not impressed with the Administration’s “re-pivot to Asia.” He calls it a kind of “affirmative action for foreign affairs” to “forget about those white people in Europe and all that messy stuff in the Middle East and Bush’s war.” He ends this segment by saying, “Hope and change, wishful thinking, doesn’t give you a strategy. They [Obama Administration] thought it did, but clearly, it has created a vacuum.”

Watch Part 2:

Part 3 – America’s diminished stature around the world, Egypt, fear of American jihad and the NYPD’ decision on Muslim surveillance.

In part 3, Dr. Gorka discussed the uncomfortable position his colleagues were put in during a visit to Egypt recently. They were universally told by Egyptians “we really don’t understand what America is doing.”

They said, “We’ve been on your side since 1973.” Continuing, they pressed the Americans, “Why are you helping the guys that want to turn our country into a fundamentalist Caliphate? Why are you complaining about us getting rid of President Morsi, who was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood? Yes, we elected him, but the Germans elected Hitler. A democrat election does not make a democrat.”

Realizing a mistake, 1/3 of the population came to the streets and the military stepped in to prevent bloodshed.

They continued, “We took 6 months to realize that he was a bad guy.”

“Then, what did America do, but cut military aid?”  They pressed, “We’ve supported you, America, in your war with al Qaeda for 12 years. We fought your war. Now, you do not want to support us in our war with al Qaeda? How do you explain this?”

Finally, acknowledging emerging threats from Russia, China and North Korea, Dr. Gorka says his biggest fear is jihad in two forms – “physical, kinetic jihad” like September 11 and Fort Hood, and “civilization jihad” where we “can lose a war without a shot being fired.”

That occurs when our enemies “use the law, use democracy, use economics to undermine the U.S. Constitution.” He compared these tactics to the 640 “no-go Shariah zones in France” where such developments can “lose a war without a shot being fired.”

Calling it “insane” that New York City’s mayor recently closed down an effective counter-terrorism unit in the NYPD due to pressure from Muslim interest groups, Gorka has seen the same happen for national police training and enforcement efforts.

Watch Part 3:

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