Shocking Pics: Tennessee Cop Choked Peaceful Student Until He Passed Out

Robby Soave Reporter
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A series of well-timed photos show a Knox County police officer place his hands on the throat of a University of Tennessee college student and choke him to the point of unconsciousness — even though the student had already been handcuffed and was cooperating peacefully.

The photos, taken by amateur photographer John Messner and obtained by The Daily Mail, suggest that 23-year-old UT student Jared Dotson was a victim of brutal and unnecessary police action.

UT students were celebrating the end of finals week on Saturday night. The raucous partying moved into the streets, and some students began throwing beer bottles at cop cars, according to Messner. (RELATED: ANOTHER university stops students from handing out Constitution)

A sheriff’s deputy arrested Dotson for his involvement. He was handcuffed and walked to a police van. Dotson did not resist in the slightest, according to The Daily Mail.

When they reached the van, the deputies removed his handcuffs. He let his arms drop to his sides. Officers then grabbed his wrists in order to restrain him with a different set of cuffs. That’s when another sheriff’s deputy walked up to Dotson, wrapped his arms around the student’s neck, and began to choke him.

Dotson eventually passed out from the abuse. Afterward, officers stood him up, slapped him around, and put him in a police vehicle.

Messner snapped several photos of the shocking brutality as it occurred.

The three officers involved in the incident are all Knox County sheriff’s deputies.

The sheriff’s office is aware of the pictures and is investigating, according to the Knox County News.

The police report claims that Dotson physically resisted while the arrest was being made. He was released on bail

The sheriff’s office could not immediately be reached for comment.

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