Louis C.K. Says Common Core Has Ruined Math For Kids: ‘It Makes Them Cry’

Robby Soave Reporter
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Foes of Common Core can count Emmy Award-winning comedian Louis C.K. as one of their own.

The star of FX’s hit comedy “Louie” sent a series of Tweets on Monday that blamed the new national education standards and their related testing materials for making basic math incomprehensible to kids.

In his first Tweet on the subject, Louis C.K.–who has two daughters–tore into the national standardized tests required by Common Core. (RELATED: Why are the cops punishing Common Core opponents?)

He also tweeted several pictures of confusing math problems assigned to his third grade daughter.

After receiving criticism from some his followers, he clarified that his beef was not with his daughters’ teachers, since they did not write the instructional material.

Backers of Common Core, standardized tests and textbook companies like Pearson are responsible for the sad state of education in his New York City school district, he wrote. (RELATED: This Common Core math problem asks kids to write the ‘friendly’ answer, instead of the correct one!)

“Their teachers are great but it’s changed in recent years,” he wrote. “It’s all about these tests. It feels like a dark time.”

Lastly, he clarified that his perspective was just that of a “dumb, fat parent” who loves NYC schools.

He is not alone, however. Thousands of like-minded people retweeted his sentiments. And outside of social media, his comments were praised by Common Core skeptics — many of whom believe the national curriculum standards are too costly to implement and will not improve educational quality in many states.

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