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Paul Simon Takes “The Boxer” A Little Too Seriously?

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The 51st way to leave your lover: Get in a fight, Dwight.

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Pop-music icon Paul Simon and his singer wife Edie Brickell were busted on disorderly conduct charges after they got into a heated argument in their tony Connecticut home Saturday night, cops said…

New Canaan Police Chief Leon Krolikowski said Simon and Brickell suffered “minor injuries” and that there was “aggressiveness on both sides.”

Both sides. So it’s unclear who the aggressor was, or if it was mutual. He’s got the weight advantage, but he’s also got 25 years on her. I don’t know how I’d call that match-up. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt.

And it’s not just the folk-rock duo who are duking it out in New Canaan these days:

“Frankly, they were both victims,” Krolikowski said, noting that there has been a large jump in family disputes in the town — one of the wealthiest in the US — because of recent hard economic times.

Things are tough all over, huh? Those One-Percenters and their problems…

And now, because you haven’t heard it in 25 years and won’t again for 25 more, and I’m feeling impish enough to get it stuck in your head all damn day:

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