This Ad Will DEFINITELY Convince You To Support Ben Sasse [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Vote for Ben Sasse for Nebraska senator, because … little girls, Obamacare, God, ponies and Obamacare. The new ad Sasse released is sure to convince people he’s not a questionable parent or a weird guy, and he definitely hates Obamacare.

It’s unscripted, it’s simple, it’s pure, and Sasse’s voice really comes through.

See, the bad guys have been saying some very bad things about Ben Sasse. One of them had the guts to say he secretly likes Obamacare, but says he doesn’t because he wants to be a senator. Any normal human would react to such an incredible and serious insult with hate, but Ben Sasse loves them. But he DOES hate Obamacare. A lot. He really hates it, because his daughters say so.

And someone who’s willing to exploit his daughters for political gain would never do something as silly as changing his position on an issue just to get votes! Plus, the guy prays at breakfast! And probably other times too. So you know he’s completely trustworthy.

Sasse is going to Washington, and he’s going to fix everything. First, he’ll fix Obamacare. Then, he’ll fix Washington. Then, he’ll fix world hunger, adopt all the children and create world peace.

And don’t forget, he really hates Obamacare. And his daughter wants a pony.


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