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“F this guy!” 

“When I read the first story I said, well, okay, this guy raped an 11 -year-old girl, how horrific. No, no 11-month-old. Like f this guy.” — CNN’s Michael Smerconish last night on the botched Oklahoma execution.

D.C. publicist Kurt Bardella is Mark Leibovich’s “rash” 

“.@MarkLeibovich in #ThisTown paperback: ‘Speaking of Kurt Bardella…Yes, I am still speaking of Kurt Bardella. He is like my rash.'” — WaPo‘s Carlos Lozada.

Journalism affirmations  

“‘hey, really nice job tweeting today’ -nobody ever.” — Charlie Warzel, tech editor, BuzzFeed. To which BuzzFeed replied, “Hey, really nice job tweeting today.”

Convo Between Two Journos

This morning’s conversation is between WaPo’s Paul Kane and Politico’s Ben White. 

PAUL KANE: “POLITICO announces ‘never before’ reporters poll about 2106 race, when in fact, well, Alex Pelosi did this 14 yrs ago, to controversy.”

BEN WHITE: “Seriously. The 2106 race is like a LONG time from now. But I have some thoughts.”

BuzzFeed Washington editor snubbed by Tammy Haddad

“Damn didn’t get invited to Tammy Hadad’s brunch AGAIN. Gonna have to return this sweet cricket outfit to Vimyard Vines I guess.” — BuzzFeed‘s John Stanton.


And speaking of people not invited to Tammy’s brunch…

“Self-pimping the paperback edition of This Town (out in paperback today) is so….#ThisTown!!!” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich.