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Anonymous tipster texted me last night: “Jesse Tyler Ferguson spotted at Duplex in Adams Morgan. Mobbed by gay guys who like him.” Ferguson plays Mitchell Pritchett on ABC’s Modern Family. He has previously attended the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Travel Bitches 

“Gonna police the crap out of the quiet car today.” — Marketplaces’ Lizzie O’Leary.

“@AmtrakNEC Only thing worse than having to listen to these pple talk on their cellphones is having to hear their tortured marketing lingo.” — WaPo‘s Book World Editor Ron Charles.

WHCD prediction…

“Mayhem,” — Scandal‘s “James” (actor Dan Bucatinksy) best guess on what the WHCD will be like Saturday night. Bucatinsky said this at Politico’s Playbook Breakfast this morning at the Wooly Mammoth Theater.

Asked… what the Washington reaction has been to her so far, actress Kelly Lowes, who plays Quinn on Scandal, told The Mirror, “I don’t know. I’m pretty good at hiding myself.”

Let’s hope you’re not in Washington

“Who hasn’t showered this morning but is trying to play it off like u did?” — radio personality and TV producer Ryan Seacrest.

A note of gratitude 

“Also will forever love @joshtpm for allowing me to deservedly compare police water cannons to dicks in a serious essay. Needed to be done.” — the fabulously named Molly Crabapple, a Vice columnist who’s writing a book. She’s referencing TPM‘s Josh Marshall. (Crabapple is not to be confused with the Washington Examiner‘s Susan Crabtree.)

Sing it sister! 

“Let’s pay it forward. What others have done for us, we must do for others. This is not charity. It is justice. Justice in the highest sense. …#NationalDayofPrayer and I prayed a long time today before tweeting. Thank you tweet hearts. #payitforward.” — ABC and CNN contributor Donna Brazile.

Female journo suffering from ironic allergies 

“I fear I have veered into self-parody, sneezing uncontrollably as I stumble into CVS’s cold/allergy aisle.” — NYT‘s Ashley Parker.

Sign of the times

“‘I’m not on Facebook’ is the new ‘I don’t own a TV.'” — NYT‘s Josh Barro.

Tommy Vietor goes all “dude” on Fox News 

“Not doing Megyn tonight but still amazed that Tommy Vietor, pressed by @BretBaier on Benghazi , said ‘Dude, that was two years ago.'” – FNC’s Howard Kurtz. Vietor is an ex-White House flack.


“Needs a word for getting to the end of an hour-long recording only to find out that it is not the one that had the thing you needed on it.” — WaPo culture blogger Alyssa Rosenberg.

Real HuffPost Headline: “You’ve never seen chickens look so human.”


PLEASE MAKE IT STOP: Maybe the worst thing you will see today 

“What’s it called when you take a picture of two people taking simultaneous selfies?” — John Powers, a contributor to Cloture Club. The selfie offenders are: WHCD comedian Joel McHale and CNN’s Jake Tapper

What the hell kind of a lame WHCD party is this? With so many JOURNOS no less. 

“Washington Life’s ‘Global Beat’ party at the UN Foundation is low on the celeb factor & high on the DC journo factor. Good thing?” — WaPo‘s “The Reliable Source” writer Helena Andrews.

(Sort of a) Convo Between Two Journos 

Richard Grenell is a media critic for FNC and Josh Barro writes for the NYT. (Yes, I know, MORE Josh Barro.)