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White House Condemns Partial-Birth Abortions After 150th Trimester

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It’s all in the timing. Now we know where they draw the line.

Helen Pow, Daily Mail:

The White House says a botched execution of a death row inmate in Oklahoma fell short of the humane standards required when the death penalty is carried out.

Officials halted Clayton Lockett’s execution Tuesday when he convulsed violently and tried to lift his head after a doctor declared him unconscious. He later died of an apparent heart attack after spending 40 minutes writhing in pain.

[White House Press Secretary Jay] Carney says the U.S. has a fundamental standard that the death penalty must be carried out humanely.

He says everyone would recognize that this case fell short…

Lockett, 38, who was found guilty of shooting a woman and watching his friends bury her alive, was declared unconscious ten minutes after the first of the state’s new three-drug lethal injection combination was administered.

Three minutes later, though, he began breathing heavily, writhing, clenching his teeth and straining to lift his head off the pillow.

Yeah, that’s a tough break, alright.

Butchering an innocent baby who clearly shows signs of feeling pain: GOOD.

Botching the execution of a guy who shot a woman and watched as she was buried alive: BAD.

How long did 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman survive after she was buried? Was it less than 40 minutes? Then I guess this wasn’t fair.

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